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Substation Physical Design

Pike Engineering provides design, procurement and project management services for transmission/distribution substations, as well as industrial substation applications. Our capabilities include site survey and layout, fencing, equipment physical layout and specification, structure and bus work design and specification, foundation design, ground grid, lightning protection, bill-of-material and bid package development and project management. Our staff is experienced with voltages from 4.16kV through 765kV.

Our expertise includes:

  • Ring bus and breaker and one-half configurations
  • Autotransformer engineering installation including switches and lead assemblies
  • Circuit breaker engineering installation including disconnect switches and lead assemblies
  • High voltage air core reactor bank assemblies
  • UG power cable terminations
  • Low side transformer bus tie and feeder recloser/circuit breaker engineering installations
  • Load tap changers, bus regulators and feeder regulators
  • Station grounding design