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Protection and Control

Pike Engineering's Protection & Control (P&C) group has extensive experience in the application of P&C schemes for substation equipment ranging from 4.16kV to 765kV. Our designs offer a complete solution by including protection, control and SCADA. We have broad design experience applying any type of protection zones. The P&C group's SCADA experience includes designing the station LAN, applying communication settings to each relay, applying custom point maps in each relay and configuring the RTU.

Our expertise includes:

  • Relay One-Line Diagram
  • Three-Line Diagram
  • Communications Diagram
  • Relay Settings
  • Relay Coordination Curves
  • Equipment Reclosing Control
  • RTU Settings
  • IED Point Lists (SCADA)
  • Line, Transformer and Bus Protection schemes
  • Circuit Breaker - Breaker failure schemes, Breaker control.
  • Capacitor Bank Protection